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Our contracts with KJO

1- Custom Clearance and forwarding services (3) years no. St 470 mto4
from September 1. 2005 up to and including August 31.2008:

  1. Processing of custom clearance ( custom clearance services range cover all Saudi customs intents in eastern province )
  2. cargo export
  3. transportation services any port in Saudi Arabia to KJO services or vice versa
  4. applying\follow up and receiving of import permit (from government ministry Dammam or Riyadh).
  5. Applying /follow up of reimbursement of paid custom duties (services range cover all Saudi customs ).

2- custom clearance services for Khafji custom (3) years no m1-902
from may 1 2006 up to April 30 2009 :

  1. Clear all the cargo coming to kjo from Kuwait .

3- Cargo handling services between Kuwait and Khafji , Saudi Arabia (2) years no. St 573 mt o6

Transportation Service for Company's Cargo

  • Services relating to the loading of cargo to the truck from any locations in Kuwait such as vendors' offices and Contractor's storage and transporting such cargo from the Point of Origin to Company's Office at Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia, and vice versa

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